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Want to get involved in what Switch is doing?  Volunteer with us!

Here are just a few volunteer opportunities we have available…

Outreaches in the community are imperative to the work we do. We lead outreaches in various parts of the community in order to meet women where they are in the sex industry.  This allows us to help women out of the industry if they choose to leave the life and also allows us to meet women who are potential victims of sex trafficking.  We work closely with law enforcement and provide case management for any woman who has been trafficked or sexually exploited. All volunteers involved in outreach are trauma informed and are trained in how to recognize red flags of human trafficking.

Awareness is the key to prevention.  Our awareness volunteers work hard to spread the word and shine light to the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.   These volunteers go out to events in our community and speak about Switch as well as educate the community on how to identify “red flags” for victims, how to decrease demand and empower the community to join the fight.

Advocates are essential to the success of our women. Our advocates are trained to become a life coach for our women. They make initial connections with any woman requesting our services and walk with them from throughout their recovery and even as they reintegrate into society. Having a strong support team is key to helping these women reach success.

Office volunteers are so valuable. A day in the life of Switch can be very busy which is why our office volunteers are so important to us.  We rely heavily on them to run our daily functions and keep everything organized.  They are just as much part of the fight as those on the front lines.

End Demand. Men have an important part ot play at Switch.  Not only can they serve in some of the other programs at Switch, we encourage men to take a lead role in ending demand. Human trafficking and sexual exploitation is a supply and demand issue.  Learn how to fight deamand and strategize how to be a culture changer in our community.

Event planning/Fundraising and Marketing-As with any non-profit organization, it takes funding and resources to run this organization and help these women to recovery.  We are always in need of volunteers who can help us plan events and raise funds for us to further our efforts in the community.

*All volunteers and interns are required to go through a scheduled training, ranging from 24-40 hours depending on the position you apply  for.

If you are interested in volunteering you can contact Zaina@switchsc.org or fill out this form by clicking here

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